News | Thursday, 20 October 2016

Extension bonus renovations in 2017, the latest information on deductions

The 2017 stability law on which the government is working contains the long-awaited extension for renovations and energy bonus. But also new to the so-called "sismabonus". Let's see what are the measures contained in the maneuver.

- Deduction of income tax extension 50, for the restructuring measures is extended the income tax bonus of 50% up to 31 December 2017 with an expenditure ceiling of 96,000 Euros. As regards the ecobonus, the deduction remains at 65% for the whole 2017, while it is being extended up to 2021 if the energy efficiency regards the common parts of the building. The deduction rises to 70% if the operation were to affect the building for more than 25%, while up to 75% if the work improve winter and summer energy performance.
- Bonus furnishings 2017, will extend the deduction to 50% for the purchase of furniture and large appliances high energy class.
- Sismabonus, for when it comes to measures aimed seismic deduction expand 36-50%, while the tax bonus is extended to three seismic zone. The relief applies until 31 December 2021. But the deductions will be gradual: reduce the seismic risk of a class will increase the bonus to 70%, 80% of two classes.